Sofia Triantafyllou was born in a hamlet of 50 residents near Parnassus. From an early age she showed inclination and love to the painting. During her childhood she was helping her parents in the fields and after school, she dedicated her free time in to observe the nature and to paint with passion.

The last 20 years she lives and works in Athens, where she studied by the side of many remarkable mentors the art of painting followed by hagiography. She took part in many team painting exhibitions.

She paints with oils, acrylic and enamel on canvas, glass, metal, candle and timber. She paints in her laboratory with the method of traditional Byzantine illustration with colour dust, egg, vinegar and leaves of gold.

With discipline, attachment, patience and love on what she makes, she accomplishes to attribute the melancholy, the severity and the devoutness of saint forms that paints with background of the light of paradise.